What We Do: Traffic Engineering Studies
Lee Engineering prepares site-specific traffic engineering and impact studies, optimizes traffic signal timing for arterial networks, and analyzes advanced traffic control systems. The services provided by Lee Engineering's Traffic Engineering experts include but are not limited to the following:

  • Traffic Engineering
    • Capacity/LOS Analysis
    • Traffic Counts
    • Intersection Analysis
    • Sight Distance Studies
    • Accident Analysis
    • Speed Zone Studies / Strip Maps
    • School Zone Studies
  • Traffic Impact Analysis
    • New Development
    • Redevelopment
    • Traffic Studies For Driveway Permitting
    • Reviewing TIAs for Municpalities
    • Site Circulation Review
  • Traffic Signal Systems
    • Signal Timing Plans
      -- Isolated
      -- Arterial
      -- Networks
      -- Diamonds
    • Simulation Models
    • Travel Time/Delay Studies
  • Corridor Studies
    • Land Use Analysis
    • Intersection Design and Modification
    • Roadway Alignment
    • Impact Analysis
    • Long Range Strategy Development
    • Access Management Plans
  • Pedestrian Studies
    • Circulation, Access, Safety
    • Master Plans
    • ADA Compliance
  • Neighborhood Traffic Management
    • Traffic Calming Plans and Policies
    • Traffic Signal and Stop Signal Warrants
    • Unsignalized Intersections
    • Roundabouts

Our Other Services Include:

Traffic Engineering Studies

Transportation Planning

Traffic Engineering Design

Traffic Operations

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Transit Services

Transportation Research