Lee Engineering is a civil engineering firm dedicated to meeting the traffic engineering and transportation planning needs of our clients.

Lee's Guiding Principles

Build on What you Know -
Lee’s staff have built their professional careers in transportation; many have worked in both the public and private sector. Our staff is multi-disciplinary, with expertise in traffic engineering, transportation planning, ITS, and transportation research. This professional environment enables us to provide customized products tailored specifically to your needs.

Partner with the Client -
The client plays a critical role in each of our projects. We work closely with you to evaluate the short-and long-term issues and environmental factors critical to your project's success. Active client involvement throughout the life of the project results in delivery of a product that meets client requirements, on time and on budget.

Manage for Quality -
Our quality assurance is based on careful planning, monitoring, and evaluation across the life of the project. We integrate technology and sound management techniques to ensure confidence in our products' reliability.

Our Services Include:

Traffic Engineering Studies

Transportation Planning

Traffic Engineering Design

Traffic Operations

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Transit Services

Transportation Research

Offices located in:

Phoenix, Arizona (602.955.7206)

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (405.384.5127)

Albuquerque, New Mexico (505.338.0988)

Dallas, Texas (972.248.3006)

San Antonio, Texas (210.561.5411)

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